Dark sun - Dream of the Storm

Night of Fire

An ordinary evening is interrupted by one of the local inns being firebombed. Several people demonstrate heroism in organizing a fight against the fires, rescuing people trapped in the burning building, and stopping thugs from taking advantage of the commotion and robbing the well-known local merchant, Oramon next door.

4 of them, 3 humans by the names of Kuma, Kiya, Knox, and a halfling named Frosk, track down the culprit to a shady part of town, discovering it to be the known terrorist Geldok “One-eye” Blaise. He ambushes them in a shady inn with hired mercenaries, shouting about freedom and firing explosive arrows. Upon being injured, Geldok flees into an inn room and locks the door, only to flee through a secret passage while the newly formed party is fighting off the hired thugs.

The party finishes off the thugs and interrogates the violent bartender, who doesn’t seem to know much about Geldok but tells them about a tunnel underneath a nearby house that exits town. As several Templar approach the scene a few minutes later, the group hides in the alleyways.



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